We Provide Innovative Ensuite Bathrooms Designs

Many people today are opting for ensuite bathrooms. While some homeowners prefer larger spaces, others want compact yet functional areas that will be comfortable and practical to use. We at Unique Bath and Kitchens are a leading company in the kitchen and bathroom remodelling space. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with customised ensuite bathroom designs and plans. Our team of experts has worked with clients across NSW.

Professional Ensuite Bathroom Designing Services

With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we have the skills, knowledge, expertise and workforce to handle a variety of bathroom remodelling projects. Our focus is always on ensuring that your ideas and requirements are incorporated into the ensuite bathroom plan that we provide.

Our team of designers will have detailed consultations with you to get a clearer understanding of what your specific requirements are. One of the main decisions that have to be made when creating designs is whether the ensuite will double up as a powder room for your guests. To a certain degree, this aspect will also depend on the layout of your house and your lifestyle.

Aspects We Focus On While Designing Ensuite Bathrooms

If this is the case, the location of the ensuite bathroom would have to be such that your guests do not need to access it via the bedroom. However, all of these aspects can come together only when we conduct a detailed survey of the available space. We make sure that various factors are taken into account, and some of the things we focus on when planning your ensuite bathroom include:

  • The layout 
  • Amount of storage required
  • Placement of various features
  • Countertop spaces
  • Installation of a bathroom vanity
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Safety
  • Practicality and correct movement flow

Affordable Ensuite Bathroom Installations In Sydney

We firmly believe in providing our clients value for money. So while maintaining quality, we also ensure that the Sydney ensuite bathroom costs are competitive and that they fit in perfectly into your budget.

For any more information about our ensuite bathroom design and installation services, get in touch with Unique Bath and Kitchens by calling 1300 310 476 or using this contact form.

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We Make The
Renovation Seamless

Whether you want to include subtle details to match your style and incorporate them with a modern design, or create a space that completely captures it fully, we can find the precise colours, patterns, textures, and pieces that will work in harmony to embody exactly what you have in mind.

Bathroom Renovators

All of the materials we utilise are of top quality. We aim our efforts at crafting bathroom designs that are not only beautiful, but functional and built to last.

You can rest assured that under our expertise and direction, your home’s bathroom will become one of the most awe-inspiring spaces in your home.

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Complete the form and our team will be in contact with you to organise a consultation time.

All information will remain 100% private and secure

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We liaise with Sydney industry professionals including electricians, tilers and painters to ensure the quality execution of your custom built kitchen.

Our Building Process

Initial Meeting

We will arrange to come out and meet up and discuss the project. We will advise you if you require items such as Drawings, Engineering, Council Approval etc. For our Bathroom Renovations if we are successful with the project we will provide a set of bathroom drawings including floor plan, elevations to show exactly what the finished product will look like!

Construction Stage

We complete all of our own carpentry and structural building work, and have a wide variety of sub-contractors that we regularly use for all of our work. We will arrange weekly meetings onsite with our clients to discuss how the project is progressing, and during these meetings any issues that need to be raised can be discussed.

Consultation Stage

We are more than happy to provide preliminary pricing services for your project, to help out with the budget, and work our exactly how much the project is going to cost.

Provisional Items

We are very transparent with our prime costs (bathroom fixtures etc) and provisional sums (plumbing and electrical contractors) and will send our clients the contractors invoices to ensure we have transparency for these items.


We put a lot of effort to include as much detail within the quote to highlight exactly what we are pricing on, and what is and what is not included within the scope of work for the project. We price our quotes to include all facets of building process, this ensures a smooth construction process and there are less questions throughout as to what exactly is being completed.

Supply of Materials

we are able to offer an excellent range of products through our select suppliers of tiles, tapware and bathroom fittings. We can arrange for a meeting with the store representative who will personally help you with your fitting selection. Alternatively if you are wanting to supply your own materials then we are able to cater for this as well.