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Whether you want to include subtle details to match your style and incorporate them with a modern design, or create a space that completely captures it fully, we can find the precise colours, patterns, textures, and pieces that will work in harmony to embody exactly what you have in mind.

Every home needs good-quality wardrobes in Sydney for storing clothes. These features keep the dust, mites, and other undesirable elements away from your pretty dresses and professional suits. At Unique Bath and Kitchens, we provide a wide range of wardrobe options that can fit your requirements perfectly. We’re the leading designers in Sydney and have installed durable wardrobes in many homes all over the city.

The Benefits of Investing in Quality & Unique Wardrobes

Wardrobes in Sydney offer essential storage space and are a part of your room’s overall design. Settling for the cheapest and more generic storage systems can cause issues down the line. Many clients are forced to change their closet regularly because the unit isn’t designed to last.

We use the best quality materials and techniques to create wardrobes in Sydney. Our team makes sure all of the wardrobes are made from materials with a proven performance record. Our team is familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of different options, which means they can recommend solutions that will fit your requirements properly.

Types of Wardrobes in Sydney

Wardrobes come in different shapes, sizes, and combinations. Here’s a look at some of the options we provide:

  • Walk-in Wardrobes – Walk-ins are popular because they provide ample storage space. You can store all of your clothes in an airy, safe environment without having to worry about finding additional storage space.
  • Built-in Wardrobes – Built-in wardrobes are suitable for smaller bedrooms and can become a seamless part of the space. These wardrobes become a part of the room’s walls so that you have ample floor space.
  • Colonial Wardrobes – If you’re looking for something with vintage and traditional touch, colonial wardrobes are the right choice. They have a three-panelled moulding design on the door that gives the wardrobe in Sydney a vintage appeal.
  • All-in-One Wardrobes – All-in-one wardrobes are suitable for people who need a single storage solution for all of their clothing, hats, jewellery, shoes, bags, and other accessories. There are dedicated shelving options for different kinds of items.
  • Sliding Wardrobes – Sliding wardrobes are also suitable for rooms with smaller floor space. Instead of opening outward, the doors of these wardrobes slide to the side. This style is sleek, compact, and suitable for modern homes.

We also design custom wardrobes in Sydney to suit your particular requirements. All you need to do is explain your preferences to our expert, and they will offer suitable solutions.

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For more information on our various kitchen designs, please visit our Gallery. Our Gallery brings together a selection of our custom kitchen designs ranging from traditional to contemporary kitchens. Each kitchen style has the flexibility to work in any home environment and can be designed to suit all tastes and budgets.

The entire Unique Bath and Kitchens team is focused on designing kitchens that utilise premium materials and offer each and every customer the highest level of service. Unique Bath and Kitchens partners with the best quality kitchen suppliers within the kitchen manufacturing industry and employs experienced and professional tradesmen to ensure the longevity of your custom designed kitchen.

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