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UBK, has been guiding customers and walking them through the budgeting process when it comes to kitchen renovations Sydney for over 25 years,

The best way to control your Kitchen Renovation Sydney budget, is to SET one first! Now it sounds easy but is slightly more trickier than that, take a look at the below steps that will help you set one in place,

First Step,
Measure the area to get an idea of what size kitchen you are dealing with,

Know what you want!

Its really important on a practical level in order to help your budget stay in control you will need to really decide on things that could blow the budget out on your project example,

Soft Close Hinges, may not be nessacary or a dishwasher that is integrated, it could be a non integrated dishwasher that helps keep your budget inline,

Some times on a simple level, the difference between shiny & non shinny cupboards can mean thousands $$$$ more.  

Other things to consider are the handles Or handless? At times their is a 1-2 thousand dollar difference.

Sink? Really ah yes! Undermounted sinks can also be a extra $1000.00 just to stone contractor so if you are on a tight budget then we recommend explore a nice kitchen range for your Kitchen Renovation Sydney, that can serve 2 great purposes, Look good & Fit the Budget.

In summary below are your quick helpful & handy tips to live by,

5 Tips to keep your Kitchen Renovation within your budget.

  1. Set you budget.
  2. Get your measurements accurate.
  3. Know what you want.
  4. Get 3 quotes comparing “apples for apples”
  5. Remove your old Kitchen yourself