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If you’re thinking of having your own custom kitchens Sydney, one of the most popular layouts to consider is u shape kitchen. The layout offers functionality and convenience for spaces of any size, especially for those with limited space in their kitchen. By utilizing all three walls, this design maximizes storage potential without feeling cramped or cluttered.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of a small U-shaped kitchen so that you can enjoy its practical benefits without compromising style or comfort.

Wall cabinets and shelves installation 

Wall cabinets and shelves are an ideal way of utilizing this shape because they can stretch from one end of the u shape to the other, leaving no gaps or wasted spaces. Not only does this promote efficient storage, but it also allows for a more organized appearance, meaning your kitchen will look as good as its function. 

Breakfast nook in the centre of the U

Creating a breakfast nook in the centre of the U allows more opportunities for storage while ensuring that food preparation and dining can be done efficiently. The breakfast nook also adds style and charm to the kitchen. It can be easily decorated with tablecloths and art pieces to make it stand out. In addition, having a breakfast nook allows for improved circulation and eliminates awkward turning around corners or reaching for items too far away. 

Add an island in the centre 

u-shaped kitchens are great for any home. It provides improved access to the three workstations that a u-shape kitchen is known for: refrigerator and storage, preparation, and clean up. What could make it even better though? An island in the centre provides additional countertop space. This would further benefit u-shape kitchens by giving users more surface area to store items and providing extra seating options around the island when entertaining guests. 

Pot rack installation above the stove to save up cupboard space

If you want an easy and efficient way to save up valuable cupboard space, consider installing pot racks above your stove. With u-shape kitchens becoming increasingly popular, these racks can be a helpful addition. Not only do they offer better visibility of your cookware, but they give you more usable counter space too. Make sure to use the appropriate fixing and instructions when installing to ensure a secure fit, this will make sure it stays fixed in place for many years ahead!

Floating shelves installation along walls or between cabinets

Installing floating shelves is a great way to make use of the vertical space within any u shape kitchen. Doing so can free up room in common areas such as counters, or provide storage for items that are used often. With this in mind, floating shelves can be installed in between cabinets to avoid using wall space or along walls to maximize overhead storage. In either case, this thoughtful solution provides a practical option to organise and access items quickly while keeping the overall area clean and clutter-free.

U-shaped kitchens are a great way to maximise space and create an efficient cooking, dining, and storage area. With the right additions, it is possible to make your kitchen both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. These tips should help you start creating a dreamy u shape kitchen that will be sure to impress.